Research and innovation in ELISA research project are split into 4 technical work packages (WPs 2-5) and 2 administrative ones (WP1 and WP6).

WP1: Project Management

The objective of this WP is to guarantee the successful achievement of the defined project goals. It includes the follow-up of completed work and objectives, the efficient use of human and financial resources, and consortium management.

WP2: Annotation model and annotation generation

The main objective of this WP is to develop an annotation model including methods and met- rics to assess the quality of semantic annotations.

WP3: Detection of KOS changes, document changes and affected annotations

The main objective of this WP is the identification of changes between versions of a medical KOS and/or annotated documents and subsequently, the detection of annotations affected by those changes.

WP4: Annotation Maintenance

The objective of the WP is the definition of annotation adaptation mechanisms to maintain semantic annotations valid w.r.t. the new KOS version and changes in underlying annotated document (output of WP3).

WP5: Experimental Validation

The proposed solutions in WP 2-4 will be evaluated on real world use cases within the eHealth platform and the LIFE project as well as corpora of the CLEF initiative.

WP6: Dissemination

The objective of the WP is to promote the transfer of knowledge generated by the ELISA project to scientific and professional communities.


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